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It's all about preparation

It's all about preparation: How to save time and energy in the kitchen

We all lead busy lives, so we know that sometimes the thought of preparing a home-cooked meal isn’t quite as appetising as throwing a ready meal into the oven or pressing ‘order’ on your favourite takeaway website. But what if we told you there were ways to have a hearty and healthy meal on the dinner table in less time and taking up less energy than cooking everything from scratch?

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4 min read
Staying Healthy in Winter

Staying healthy in winter: the tools to use and the dishes to make

When the cold weather rolls around, it can be easy to reach for the comforting foods that we know will keep us warm and satisfied, but might not necessarily be the best for our body. The cold weather and shorter days can mean that all motivation to keep eating well goes out of the window and a diet of cheese, pasta and pizza might seem like the best idea for grumbling tummies, especially if you’re short on time. But staying healthy during the colder months doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, we’ve got plenty of appliances and tools that will make it easy, fun and, dare we say it… super delicious!

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5 min read
Multifunction Cooker with Hot Pot

Love cooking HotPot? Add our one-pot wonder to your kitchen

You might already be familiar with our fabulous Multifunction Cooking Pot (and if you’re not then you can read more about it in our blog) and now we’re excited to introduce to you our new version in white with the inclusion of a Hot Pot accessory. . If Asian-style cooking is your thing, then our NEW Multifunction Cooking Pot with Dual Hot Pot is for you! Helping you create two separate meals in one deep pot!

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4 min read