Conquer your New Year’s resolutions

Conquer your New Year’s resolutions with Morphy Richards!

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It’s a new year and you know what that means: time for New Year’s resolutions. But if you’re anything like us, these promises never last so long. It’s not like we don’t try, but changing habits is hard. We’ve all done it! We’re all guilty! But we don’t have to be. This year can be different if you let Morphy Richards give you a hand. No matter what your goals are, whether you want to save money or be healthier, we’ve got ways to help keep you on track and form habits that will last for years to come. So read through our solutions to these resolutions and let’s take on your new year together!

Stop spending, start saving

After the giving season, it’s always a good idea to start saving for whatever you might want in the year ahead! But it’s usually impossible to start saving without spending a little first. So for starters, save on your morning coffee when you treat yourself to a Morphy Richards Filtered Coffee Maker. The flavour is really all up to you and you’ll never be let down by burnt beans or a watery cup of coffee again! If you want to take it a step further, get yourself a Bread Maker and save on those expensive office sandwiches with bread that is a thousand times better because it’s homemade. Baking is easy with this machine as you just set and forget, put it on before work and come home to some fresh sourdough, stunning!

Stop spending, start saving - Coffee

Eat clean and green!

Everyone wants to eat clean after the feasts of holiday season but make it a habit you can actually stick to with our Wireless Personal Blender! When you start every morning with a healthy smoothie, you can feel great from the get-go, plus it’s easy to stick with it all day and choose to have more veggies for lunch and dinner. Crush your favourite fruits into a smoothie in under a minute and then take it to go, anytime and anywhere!

Eat Clean and Green - Wireless Blender

Spend more time with those who matter.

We love this resolution, because good food is about sharing and that’s what our Multi-function Cookers are all about! With options for grilling, slow cooking, frying and steaming and now the added Dual Hot Pot accessory, you can cook two separate meals in the one deep pot, all at the same time. Proteins, veggies, carbs and all! Let Morphy Richards do the work, while you read a book or play footy in the backyard with the little ones, because there’s always enough time, you just have to use it right!

Multifunction Cooking

So tackle those new year’s resolutions with the help of Morphy Richards, and know that we’ve got your back this year and into the next!