If you're used to microwave cooking then you are probably used to the compromises that it brings - changes in food taste and texture, uneven cooking and sometimes even food erupting! So, now we are introducing MICO - the new method of cooking for your microwave where you can make the perfect light meal or snack every time.

Our innovative range of microwave cookware by MICO uses Heatwave technology, so you can grill, roast, poach and more in your microwave.

Enjoy delicious toasties, poached and fried eggs and baked potatoes, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. 

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  • All MICO parts are dishwasher safe to make the clean up as easy as the cooking

  • Silicon allows for a cool touch surface

  • The unique Heatwave Technology absorbs microwaves to produce heat energy

  • A Non-Stick Coating applied to food contacting parts allows for easy food removal and cleaning

Heatwave Technology

This technology shields microwaves from your food by using metal plates. Without this barrier microwaves bounce around the microwave oven and unevenly heat your food. With Heatwave Technology the microwaves are not deflected away but absorbed and heat the metal plates rapidly. The metal plates heat your food inside it from the inside out, similar to oven cooking. Using the different products you have the choice to grill, poach, fry or roast your food.


MICO Products


  •  Faster than a sandwich press - same great taste! MICO converts your microwave into grill, meaning it can now beautifully toast your sandwich.

  •  With MICO you can achieve an oven-cooked taste in just 18 minutes in your microwave. The Heatwave Technology is able to use microwaves to simultaneously cook inside to perfection and crisp up the outside.

  •  The solution to beautifully microwaved eggs with runny yolks in a fraction of the time. With MICO you can use microwave to poach or fry eggs in minutes.