Chilli Red


The soup maker has been filled above the Max line the over fill sensor may have been triggered.  Switch the unit off at the power source and remove the lid, wipe clean the over fill sensor, remove a little of the ingredients, replace the lid and continue cooking.

If the recipe method isn’t followed accurately and certain ingredients are added earlier than they should, the Soup Maker could cut out. Flour for example, will fall to the bottom and stick and burn to the heating plate if added too early in the recipe and or not pre-mixed prior to adding, this will then cause the thermostat to kick in and cut the machine as a safety feature. Switch the unit off at the power source and remove the lid, discard ingredients, clean your soup maker thoroughly and start again, ensuring the method is followed correctly.

Only use a non-scratch scourer when cleaning the base of your soup maker, which are available at most supermarkets.

Ensure all solid ingredients are diced into small portions to allow for the even cooking time.

Solid ingredients have been cut too thick and should be diced into smaller pieces of similar size for even cooking or alternately allow the soup contents to cool down, rinse out the soup maker and put it through another cycle. Always ensure the ingredients are cooked through before using the smooth function, otherwise you will have a grainy textured soup.