When life gives you lemons... make juice!

Our busy lifestyles have transformed us and the world around us. This non-stop rush has been the catalyst to create faster ways to communicate with each other, faster ways to move from place to place, and most definitely faster ways to satiate our needs to keep us on the go.

The boom of fast food came to be out of convenience - many valued more the possibility of a quick, cheap meal rather than going through the effort of cooking at home, which allowed them to keep up. Who hasn’t done the infamous “Macca’s Run” after a night of partying? Or pulled over at the drive-through to get dinner for the family? Fast food stays true to its name and remains to be convenient.

Fast food is convenient, but it has been well-studied to have a negative impact on our overall health. However, rather than stressing out about it, you should plan to make a gradual increase of fresh foods. This will make better eating achievable
Fruits and Vegetables contain the vitamins, minerals and enzymes we need to feel and look healthier. But eating them as is probably lets all the good stuff go down the toilet

Though it has been well studied that fast food has a negative impact on our weight, our energy, our nutrition and our overall health; WA-born chef Teresa Cutter recommends to make a gradual increase in the amount of fresh foods eaten each day rather than stressing over finicky nutrition details and strict ideologies. Basically, to make better eating achievable for everyone.

Keeping recipes simple and fresh, and to make them yourself are just the starting points towards a better diet. Fruits and vegetables are prime sources for all those vitamins, minerals and enzymes we need to feel and look healthier - they promote weight loss, boost your immune system, increase your energy, and support your brain health.

And if you find it hard to include them more often into your diet (or your family’s), there is no easier path than juicing. There are 3 top reasons why juicing is a phenomenal health habit.

You can juice almost everything!
  1. Juicing aids you absorb all the nutrients from vegetables. A lifetime of making less-than-optimal food choices leaves most of us with impaired digestion. Juicing will help to “pre-digest” vegetables for you, overcoming the limit your body has to absorb their nutrients (letting them go down the toilet instead for example).
  2. Juicing allows for a larger amount of vegetables in an efficient manner. Getting 6-8 servings of veggies and fruits per day gets tricky when balancing out work and daily routine. Juicing will help you reach your target easier, every day.
  3. Juicing helps you broaden the variety of your diet. Eating the same salad or side dishes gets boring, and it could make you lose focus on your goal. Regular food rotation will not only decrease your chances of developing an allergy, but also can keep you happy!

As with anything, there are some downfalls to drinking juices. The best is your Morphy Richards Nutri Juicer will help you eliminate them. Its secondary squeegee extraction ensures everything to the last drop ends in your glass, not in your bin.

Plus, its silent operation, reverse switch for easy cleaning, small footprint and juice recipe book will make your decision to start juicing and your life simpler.

The Morphy Richards Nutri Juicer model 404000 has benefits that eliminate the downfalls of juicing. It has secondary squeegee extraction to extract up to the last drop. The reversible switch, cleaning brush and removable filters make for easy cleaning. The rotating mesh filter cleaner reduces clogging, which lowers friction, leaving nutrients intact due to less heat and oxidation.
The Morphy Richards Nutri Juicer model 404000 has a rotating mesh filter that reduces clogging. Lower friction means less heat and oxidation, therefore leaving nutrients in the juice intact, lasting longer and not separated

Most importantly, the revolutionary rotating mesh filter cleaner reduces clogging. Lower friction means less heat and oxidation. Therefore, nutrients are left intact, juice doesn’t separate and it lasts longer.

<- See the difference for yourself!

Remember, you can juice almost anything! Start off by aiming for vibrant colours in your juices, with fruits, vegetables and greens you already eat raw - for a taste you'll love. Then, slowly, introduce more lemons, limes, ginger and fresh cranberries to control the amount of sugar, and slowly reduce the percentage of fruit you use as you get more and more accustomed to greener flavours.

You can juice almost everything!