Scandi-chic 4 ways

Cool, calm and collected. Whoever coined the term Scandi-chic, pinned down the characteristics why such a stylish, uncluttered and practical style settled for good into the hearts and homes of Australians a few years ago. The Scandinavian style has been such a hit ever since because it embraces functionality and simplicity, while looking effortlessly stunning. There’s one thing that Scandi style is not, uptight - what’s not to love from taking the pressure off yourself?

The Scandinavian style looks and feels uncluttered, focuses on practicality and should aim to be simply beautiful.

This style makes a feature out of timber, a construction material that has been around since way back. It has that certain timeless je-ne-sais-quoi that suits pretty much all interior designs, especially the Nordic - great reflective properties that maximise the light indoors; its clean lines pair well with minimalist vibes, creating a fresh and feel-good atmosphere; and it helps with the whole sense of connecting to nature and bringing alfresco inside.

Wood accents play a huge role in casual, liveable kitchens. They let your personality shine through endless possibilities, here are some ideas:

Scandinavian homes are famous for their white interiors. Pale-coloured appliances will help bounce light around, and make your home look brighter. Complement them with metallic fixtures and details to create a striking, clean style. Truly minimalist and charming at the same time, like the Scandi White Aspect kettle & toaster set.

White is probably the most famous Scandi colour. It bounces light around and makes your home look brighter. Complement it with pale-coloured kitchen appliances for a clean style that is truly minimalist, like the Morphy Richards Scandi White Aspect kettle & toaster set.
Black provides a dark accent that pairs well with white for the full Scandi look. Provide your kitchen with a deep accent thanks to your Morphy Richards Black Scandi Aspect kettle & toaster set.

Deep, dark interior accents can be just as compelling to go fully Scandi. Black works well with white because it doesn’t overwhelm the simplicity of a white-only interior design. Throw some texture in through polka dots, golden metals or faux sheep skin for a mysterious appeal. Once you go Scandi Black with the new wooden-trimmed Aspect kettle & toaster, you’ll never go back.

Greys and tans create a relaxing appeal through smart accents, keeping in check the sense of scale against the trademark of white walls. Bring instant cosiness with a grayscale and layered textiles, or go industrial-inspired with geometric prints, steel and chic accessories - like the Scandi Titanium Aspect kettle & toaster pair. The aim of this option is to provide a darker contrast (without going to the extreme of black) in which your eyes can rest from the everlasting white.

A greyscale creates a relaxing appeal and instant cosiness. Provide a warm contrast to white Morphy Richards Scandi Titanium Aspect kettle & matching toaster.
Soft pastels inject a little joy of colour but remain easy on the eye. Energise a rather dull room with lovely pale blue accent backdrops - like the Morphy Richards Azure Scandi Aspect kettle & toaster set.

Soft pastels are also a great way to tackle the traditional monochromatic look. Pale blue for example, injects a little joy but remains easy on the eye. Layered textiles, fur and carefully chosen colour accents can energise a rather dull room - boost it with lovely pale blue and bright accent backdrops. The Scandi Azure Aspect kettle & toaster set adds a tinge of colour where you need it most.

Celebrating in a truly Scandi-chic fashion, the new Scandi Aspect kettle and toaster sets are simple, stylish and functional. The kettles ensure you can make up to 6 hot drinks at a time quicker, with their 3kW element and 1.5L capacity. The 4 slice toasters ensure you get the perfect toast, just the way you like it, with their variable browning control and sneak peek feature whereby you can check the progress of the toasting without cancelling the process.

To top it all up, the Scandi Aspect range has cord storage and sleek design, to maintain your work top tidy and make a stylish statement Nordic-style!

The new Morphy Richards Scandi Aspect kettles and toasters combine the functionality of a premium kitchen appliance with the sleekest design for a statement Nordic-style!