Fun Meals for Kids to Explore During the School Holidays

Let's face it, now that the school holidays have started and kids are at home most of the time, extra creativity with their breakfast, snacks and afternoon tea comes in really handy.

The last thing kids want is what they could find in their regular, standard lunch box.

To help you out, here are some of our ideas to transform your family meals into an adventure. And don't worry - it's easy! All you need is a couple of basic ingredients and a bit of imagination.

Idea #1: Animal Sandwiches

An animal sandwich is an excellent example of how simple it can be to make breakfasts or snacks fun - as well as sneaking in some fruits and vegetables for your picky little ones.

All you need is bread, cheese slices, and some of your kid's favourite veggies. If your kids are craving something sweet, replace the vegetables and cheese with fruits and berries. To transform your delicious sandwich into a crunchy heaven, throw your slice into our Morphy Richards toaster for some perfectly toasted bread.

animal sandwichesImage source:

Idea #2: Funky Cereal

Kids won’t be able to resist this cute little owl, even if they are not big on cereal. It’s colourful, it’s fun, and it is a total vitamin bomb. Win-win!

To make Funky Cereal, you will need their favourite cereal, two to three types of natural nuts, kiwi and strawberries. If nuts are not your kid's forte, replace them with grapes instead.

Fun porridge 

Idea #3: Mister Crab

Presentation is the key. When arranged creatively, even the simplest ingredients can become a wild adventure for your little ones!

To make Mister Crab, you will need a croissant, egg, sausage, apple, cherry bocconcini and some olives.

crab omelette 

Idea #4: Nutella Zootopia


Who can resist these cute bears, owls, fish and cats? All you need is your kid's favourite spread, fruits, berries and a bucket load of imagination!

Nutella toasts 

We would love to see your family and your imaginative meal creations. Share with us your favourite moments on Facebook or Instagram, and don't forget to tag us in!

We hope you enjoy this precious time with your family and have a yum-tastic holiday everyone!

Morphy Richards