Design precision brought to YOUR life

If you consider yourself to be more of a ‘minimalist’ that prefers sleekly designed, but high quality products - then The Aspect Range is for you. The new range has just hit the shelves and enhances the modern Australian kitchen, blurring the lines between ‘appliances’ & ‘home-wares’.

The exceptional craftsmanship of this range is available in a coated stainless steel finish, in non-other than the timeless tones of black, white and titanium – minimalist perfection!



Each appliance has a discreet and unexpected ‘surprise’; a splash of colour- whether it be the base of the kettle, or crumb tray of the toaster.



You’ll be more than happy to offer your friends a coffee or tea, just to show off the sophistication of the kettle’s ‘smooth flow’ pour.



The new Aspect Range is the Kettle & Toaster you need on your bench top. It’s more than a kettle or toaster, it’s a designer appliance to have on display!

Get your black or white set now, and keep a look out for the titanium set, which will be hitting the shelves in July.