Decorate your kitchen with Scandinavian design

by Catherine H. Collins, Guest blogger

Even though Scandinavian style looks amazing in every room in your home, the kitchen is probably where it fits the best. Characterised by its simplicity, eclecticism and elegance, Scandi design will turn your kitchen from a neglected space into the heart of your household. Here’s how you can do it.

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Colour palette

The Scandi colour palette isn’t very extensive. Most homeowners and interior designers opt for white walls, units and even decor. This bright colour scheme creates the illusion of a bigger space and lets as much light in as possible. White is also very modern and sleek, and is a perfect backdrop for the rest of your items. Other colours are usually used as accents: grey and black details create an especially good contrast with the whiteness.

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Ample lighting

Scandinavians can’t really brag about the amount of sunlight they get throughout the year, so they had to learn how to work with what little they get. That’s why Scandi design usually prefers unobstructed windows and avoids any sort of shades and curtains. They also choose to place their furniture and workstations as near to the window as possible to receive ample natural light.

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However, when there’s just not enough sunlight, you need some help from electricity. Hanging lights are where it’s at right now, and many people choose pendants instead of more traditional kitchen options such as spotlights. Hanging lights come in many shapes, sizes and colours and they really add to the overall character of the place. If you have some extra space, you can also opt for an interesting floor lamp in the corner, both as some additional lighting as well as decoration.

Flooring options

To compensate for the lack of sun, Scandinavians often put wooden floors in their kitchens. They instantly warm up the place while still being very easy to maintain. Other great flooring styles you can opt for are ceramic tiles or stone flags.

Interesting furniture and appliances

No matter how much love Scandinavia has for white, it still needs an occasional pop of colour to break the monotony. One of the perfect ways to introduce colour into your kitchen is with brightly coloured furniture and appliances. For instance, you can opt for colourful Morphy Richards kettles and toasters, attractive coffee machines or slightly mismatched chairs. They add the perfect amount of colour without going overboard.

Keep your things within a hand's reach

Many Scandinavian kitchens have open shelves, or at least parts that are left open for easy access. Storage solutions like pot and glass racks not only add to the visual impression of your kitchen but are also super handy.

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Comfort, cleanliness and functionality are important

Comfort and functionality are two things that are valued very much in Scandinavian homes. They love to make every room, including the kitchen, feel warm and cosy. You can incorporate soft rugs below your dining table, throws over your chairs and other comfy materials to make the space look warmer and more textured.

Also, make sure your fixtures are all functional and in top shape, and always have the number of your emergency plumber at hand. Fixtures that are not functioning properly only create unnecessary stress, and you don’t want that in your beautiful kitchen.

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Lastly, don’t forget to keep your kitchen in top notch condition, cleanliness wise. Scandi design doesn’t like mess, and this room has the most potential to get dirty. So, make sure to clean all the surfaces frequently and leave no clutter behind. If you have a small bar or a counter where you like preparing your morning coffee or an afternoon drink, make sure to set up a simple bar runner and keep the surfaces spillage-free and 100% clean.

Make a fika area

No Scandi kitchen can pass without a cosy “fika” area. Fika, or roughly “coffee” or “coffee break”, is a very important aspect of every Scandinavian’s life, so designate a little corner for this relaxing activity. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee in your fika area and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

So, if you’re attracted to peaceful Scandinavian lifestyle and love their unique interior design, make sure you start from your kitchen. In only a few steps you will get a cosy, charming and elegant Scandi kitchen perfect for any home and any family.

Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also likes sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smooth Decorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.

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