‘Cook & Create’ with Total Control


The new Total Control Hand Blender Collection boasts smart response technology, giving you total control in the kitchen.


The Smart Response Technology has many benefits. It eliminates those annoying splatters (pumpkin soup we’re looking at you!) giving the user total control from start to finish. It also automatically increases power to maintain speed when it detects motor load and a reduction in speed. So if you’re dealing with thicker mixes and batters, the Total Control Hand Blender won’t even flinch at the extra resistance.


Another point to mention is the cutting edge serrator blade, which comes with a lifetime guarantee* and can crush ice in a matter of seconds. Perfect for making the strawberry daiquiris in summer!


Depending on your needs, there are three sets to choose from: -

  • The basic Hand Blender 402050 comes with a 500ml beaker with lid. Perfect for making smoothies, sauces, dips or pureeing silky smooth pumpkin soup.

  • The Pro Set 402052 is an all-rounder, perfect for the keen baker or budding chef. Use the whisk attachment and have perfectly whipped cream in minutes, or use the mashing attachment for the smoothest creamiest potato mash. The mini chopper is the perfect vessel to make dips, pestos, sauces, or even blitz up fresh breadcrumbs.


  • The Work Centre 402054 is perfect for larger tasks. Slicing and grating by hand can be a tedious time-consuming task, but the grating and slicing discs can prepare veggies in an instant!

Whether you're a seasoned cook, or just getting started in the kitchen, the handy ‘Cook & Create’ app is filled with simple and easy to follow recipes to assist in creating high quality meals from scratch. The app is free to download from both iTunes and the Google Play Store, and new recipes are added regularly.

Why not download the app now and find your hidden cooking talent?

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