5 Ways To Add Cork In Your Home Decor

Cork material, much loved in the 1970s, is now seeing a comeback in the style stakes. Apart from having a nice texture and eye-pleasing colour, cork is 100% natural, reusable and recyclable. Whether from the environmental, social or economic perspectives, it is one of the world's most versatile materials. It's no surprise that cork is widely used in interior decorations. Although, what is the first association that usually comes to mind? Your standard office cork board. In this blog post, we have gathered some inspirational ideas on how to bring some cork into your home and particularly, into your kitchen.

  • Cork detailing looks great in kitchen accessories, such as vases, trays, candle holders, etc. As an example, opt for a combination of cork and other materials (stone, glass) and make a bold statement: 

  • Brighten your pantry: get a couple of clear jars or bottles with cork lids and fill them with colourful lollies.

  • Stunning statement appliances. Complement the cork theme in your kitchen with Morphy Richards Aspect Cork kettle and toaster. Available in matte black, white mint and maroon.

1. Morphy Richards Aspect Cork range

  • Old but gold: a cork mood board. Get creative with a size, shape, pins or even a place. For example, you can put a cork board on the inside of the cabinet doors for extra hanging space.




  • Take the cork game one step further and invest in a centrepiece, such as a stool, a coffee table or even a champagne cooler.



1. Cork coffee table

2. Cork stool

3. Champagne bucket

Cork is a truly versatile material - it looks great whether you make it the central theme in your kitchen d├ęcor, or bring in just one or two statement pieces. The choice is yours!