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October 2008

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The Advanced Finish iron is an exceptional piece of ironing innovation. The soleplate has 3 dedicated areas to ensure that you get the best results every time:

  1. Turbo boost tip
  2. Constant steam section
  3. Press and set plate

Turbo Turbo Boost through the most stubborn creases with sheer force!
Separate steam chamber dedicated to producing high velocity steam that penetrates deep into the fabric. The shot of steam is generated on demand at the push of a button to ensure ultimate control. It can be used when the iron is horizontal or vertical and is perfect for reaching difficult detail areas.

Constant Constant Steam for Crease Removal!
The central chamber produces a gentle constant steam flow to remove creases at a rate you control. This is only generated if required when the iron is in the horizontal position.

Press Press and Set your fabric for long lasting results!
A unique flat surface area designed to perfectly finish the garment by removing the moisture and setting the fabric in a crease free state.